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AeroPress Coffee Maker Review

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The AeroPress Coffee Maker from Aerobie is the low-tech coffee maker that works as well as those expensive high tech gadgets for a great cup of coffee and espresso.

Ease of Use/Performance: 23/25

Convenience/Storage 24/25

Appearance/Design 24/25

How much I enjoy 25/25

Total: 96/100

While not all gadgets are created equal the same thing can be said for cups of coffee and coffee machines; I like, no, I love coffee and have enjoyed the gadgets I have reviewed in the past. Not one has performed beyond my expectations until now; the AeroPress Coffee Maker is such a simple device that to look at it is to think that it could not make a decent cup of coffee.

I have gone beyond looks and found that it makes an excellent cup of coffee and espresso with such ease and cleanup that going low tech might be the thing to do. The design is so simple it took a manufacturer of Frisbees to figure out a novel and new take on the same way of making coffee.

AeroPress Coffee Maker

A small round filter creates the impassable barrier for the grounds and a syringe-like device forces hot water through the grounds for a truly simple device that works so well. The AeroPress has been unfairly compared to a French Press, and I can tell you it is not, it is much better.

The AeroPress contains all the grounds, so it stops cold the brewing process when all water is forced through the filter. The device is simple; a small cap with holes holds the filter paper and goes onto a chamber for the water that sits on your cup.

The grounds and then hot water is poured into the chamber up to the lines for the various cup amounts, and the water is forced through the chamber and filter by a syringe-like plunger with a rubber seal. The two tubes fit together with an airtight seal on the rubber ring that goes inside the larger outer chamber just like a syringe.

The brew is forced through the very fine filter paper, and all grounds stay in the chamber while the water is forced through at the rate you choose. It is all a matter of putting the grounds into the chamber, adding hot water, stirring the grounds into the water and slowly but steadily pushing the plunger to force the water through the filter.

Once your cup is done you simply remove the chamber and plunger tubes and rinse out the grounds after removing the cap and filter. The entire brewing process takes a minute or two mainly depending on how you heat your water which is surely the longest part of the task.

The AeroPress makes a great cup of coffee or espresso with the difference simply being the amount of water and how fine the grounds are. I found that with better beans like fresh roasted and grinding your own you get better coffee just like making coffee in a more expensive electric coffee maker.

You can easily make cappuccinos and latte’s just by steaming milk and such as the AeroPress makes a regular espresso by just following the directions. The AeroPress is an easy way to make a great cup of coffee and the amount and time you press the plunger will make up most of the quality difference of your cup of coffee as well as the beans and water temperature.

The AeroPress is simply an easy and simple way to get great coffee without all the fancy gadgets or even electronic ones. This is a great way to make coffee on the go at hotels or while camping or out in the woods as all it takes are hot water and coffee grounds.

The filters are precut and available from the internet in large packs of 350 for about $3.50, not including shipping, the AeroPress itself costs about $30 from several retailers and internet sellers. That is a great price for a convenient, extremely durable coffee maker that makes a great cup of coffee.

The AeroPress makes coffee as good or better than the two latest coffee makers I have been trying out, the bonavita bv1800 Brewing System and the Tassimo Brewer using my coffee. The AeroPress uses your ground coffee so you can use freshly ground beans and you control how fast you force the water through the grounds as well as stopping the brewing process when all the water is through the grounds.’

A French press does not remove all the grounds so it cannot compare to the AeroPress as a way to make a better cup of coffee and the Tassimo does not allow you to use your ground coffee beans. The AeroPress is a great coffee maker and so very simple to use that I had not expected it to work as well as it does.

The AeroPress lives up to all the hype I have read both from the Aerobie Company and others like Coffee Geek and Single Serve Coffee websites. The AeroPress indeed makes a great cup of coffee and does it so simply and easily that this makes a perfect gift for any coffee lover.

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