Luxury Style Real Estate Latest News

Luxury Style Real Estate Latest News

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” The main 8,500-square-foot home has six bedrooms and 4½ bathrooms. It has a portico entrance, covered alfresco dining terraces and a modern guest house with one bedroom and 1½ bathrooms.”

The mansion in Sydney returned to its roots-Wall Street Journal

Vertical Life in Modern Hollywood-Los Angeles Times

Luxurious area, 20 acres on the island, in the Bahamas $ 16,000-mansion

Luxury Style Real Estate Latest News

Houston Luxury Homes

International real estate led to expand its presence in Austria-led international real estate

For sale: the best apartments in the world-International boat

Refuge Robert Redford may be yours for $ 1.35 m-New York Post

Maui’s own home, which houses a global ocean-mansion

Home buyers are dragged on to the north coast of Long Island Wall Street Journal

Montpellier: the first famous houses in France in the fastest growing cities – financial time

East hill, n. And .: a green city built with leisure activities-The New York Times

Carrasco de Montevideo () – a suburb that unites the city and life in a mansion for a beach holiday

Vineyard of Martha, Massachusetts: vacation house of Presidents of USA – financial time

10 houses that are the goals of modern life-inside and outside-decor

The signature of Margaret Thatcher, which is to be released in the Telegraph

A whole room in giacometti for sale in the grand architectural digest

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